ISCN GesmbH is an Austrian SME which is an INTACS / VDA certified training body for Automotive SPICE assessors at provisional and competent level, Automotive for Cybersecurity assessors, and an EuroSPI/ASA (Automotoive Skills Alliance) certified training body for functional safety engineers and managers, and cybersecurity engineers and managers. ISCN has experts who are principal and competent level assessors working in leading automotive and electronics industry. ISCN developed an assessment tool capability adviser which is used corportae wide by leading industry for Automotive SPICE (ISO 33020), functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecuerity (ISO 21434) assessments. In the TIMS project ISCN adapts the assessment system for the ISO 56000 assessments of innovation management systems. ISCN manages a Germany and Austria wide innovation task force SOQRATES since 2003 where leading suppliers in automotive and electronics cooperate to share best practices. TIMS results will be disseminated in this community. ISCN has a program chair role in the EuroSPI conference series and includes TIMS results in this Europe wide dissemination. Web site: