Dr. Richard Messnarz
Dr. Messnarz is the founder of the European System, Software, Services Process Improvement and Innovation Conference and has edited 25 books and 20 journal volumes in the field.

Aschbacher Laura
Laura is an innovation researcher and innovation assessment coach, as well as the marketing and design lead for EuroSPI and ISCN. Please join me in welcoming Laura Aschbacher to the stage.

Damjan Ekert
With over 20 years of experience as an experience assessor in the Automotive and IT sector, and as a manager at ISCN and EuroSPI, Damjan brings a wealth of knowledge to share with us. Please join me in welcoming Damjan Ekert.

Zvejsalniece Ilze
As a trademark strategist and brand safety expert, Ilze brings extensive knowledge and experience to the team. Her presentation will focus on 'How to Protect Intellectual Property?' Ilze's expertise in business and trademark law, combined with her background in fashion, brand design, and marketing, fuels her creative approach. She is passionate about crafting strategic solutions to enhance the safety and value of your brand.

Bruno Woeran
Bruno Woeran will be sharing insights on 'ISO 5600x Implementing vehicle for the Inno Agent skills set via ISPIM.' He is an ISPIM Board member, representing the largest innovation conference and network in the world. Members of ISPIM, like Bruno, play a pivotal role in developing ISO 56000 standards. 

Zelmenis Mikus
Zelmenis Mikus will be discussing the topic of 'Innovation Management System.' An Innovation Management System serves as a guiding framework for companies and organizations aiming to enhance their innovation capabilities.  

Johansen Joan
John will be sharing his experiences with innovation in Tecpoint as a leading Danish industry network. With a wealth of expertise, Jorn has been involved in three business-oriented research projects, focusing on ISO/IEC standards and evaluations of over 300 companies. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Tecpoint, the foremost Danish industry innovation network.
Odeleye Olaolu
Odeleye O. will be presenting on "Turner Wright experience with the TIMS Assessment." Turner Wright, a Nigerian organization, will share their valuable insights and experiences with the TIMS Assessment, providing a unique perspective from Nigeria on the platform and the TIMS approach in general.

Stolfa Jakub
Stolfa serves as the President of the ASA and will be presenting on "The Automotive Skills Alliance and Innovation Agent Task Force in Europe." Jakub's expertise extends to being the president of the Erasmus+ pact for skills partner for the Automotive sector. The TIMS results, supervised by the automotive industry, will be utilized in the innovation agent task force.

Hyland Joanne
ISPIM Co-Leader, Innovation Body of Knowledge, and Former Board Member; ISO Innovation Management Canadian Expert; President of rInnovation Group; and, Former Vice President New Venture Development at Nortel Networks. Joanne will be presenting on "ISO 56000 Standards Body of Knowledge; update of latest developments" from ISPIM and ISO.