South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (SMRDA) has been established in 1999 as a non -governmental agency, non-profit and of public utility. South Muntenia region, located in the Romanian Plain, is the second largest region in Romania, as inhabitants, and the third as surface. Its mission is to develop and implement regional policies and programmes that lead towards the improvement of economic and social imbalances across the region and contribute to a further sustainable and balanced development. The main fields aimed by the regional policies and programs are fostering the entrepreneurship, balancing the labour market, stimulating the technology transfer, attracting inward investment, development of SMEs, improvement of infrastructure, etc. As Managing Authority, SMRDA is actively involved in all the phases of the regional development (programming, implementing, monitoring and evaluation) and provides advanced services in terms of access to finance and EU funding to SMEs, R&D organizations and local public administration, being the core entity in charge of enhancing innovation knowledge and potential of SMEs, collaboration and development of new innovative projects in SM Region.